so Why choose a professional photographer?

Just like you wouldn’t hire an electrician to do your plumbing, you wouldn’t want an amateur photographer taking photos of your home when you want it looking it’s best. It is often the case that the equipment used is not up to scratch and that they just don’t have the required knowledge and expertise to deliver the results you need.


Great pictures can motivate buyers...

Having stand out, clear and professional photos may not guarantee that you sell your home on the first viewing, but it will lead to more of just that; viewings! When I look at your property, I’m using my professional knowledge and creative eye to make sure it’s presented in the best possible light and make to sure that each photo is individual, yet compliments the others perfectly.

So here are a few tips to help your property look its best…

It’s completely up to you whether you want to do any of the below tips, but remember that the more effort you put in to your property, the more you’re ultimately going to get out of the photographs taken. You want your property to look it’s best.


Fix, clean and get rid of clutter

Keep surfaces clear, rooms free of clutter, bedroom floors cleared of clothes and wires and generally put anything away that doesn’t need to be seen. This enables prospective viewers of your property to see it at it’s best and will ultimately enable them to visualise the spaces more clearly. You’d be surprised how many people turn away from a room even if there is a couple of jumpers or underwear hanging off beds or chairs. Keep that stuff out of view.

Fix any broken items such switches, fix or fill in cracks and any visibly broken elements of your home, replace lightbulbs and re-align wonky cupboards or lino thats loose. All of this is just more to potentially do for your prospective buyer.


kitchens and bathrooms

These rooms are the gold dust of a home. They are the easiest to get right and the easiest to get wrong. They are the hub of most homes so all surfaces should be cleaned down, floors swept etc, washing up put away and all appliances cleaned down also.

Bathrooms should be free of bottles and products, toilets cleaned and walls, floors and ceilings scrubbed as best you can. These rooms should sparkle! Adding things like flowers and air fresheners also go a long away to add attractiveness to these rooms.

Now you’re ready to go and are ready for your photography appointment!